In celebration of SUITED's second anniversary last February, during New York Fashion Week, we hosted our first series of talks in partnership with Spring Studios. For a panel focused on advancing the conversation of identity and empowerment, we were joined by Brooklyn-based video and performance artist Kalup Linzy. His multi-disciplinary work, which breathes life into fictional characters from melodramatic soap personalities to fierce drag queens, has long been challenging predominant ideas of gender, sexuality, and community.

SUITED captured Linzy's star power and boundary-pushing career in its upcoming fifth issue and produced the music video for his latest song, "D_CK", that is premiering exclusively on

The following is an excerpt from Linzy's feature in Issue No. 5


“He may not punch a timecard, but Linzy is far from underworked. A youth spent invested in theater, performance, and soap opera led to an exploration of video art as an undergraduate that emerged as something altogether unique. For the last 15 years or so, he’s left a wholly unique impression on the multidisciplinary scene in New York and the art world at large.

Attention surrounded Linzy not long after he moved to New York in 2003. His video and performance pieces, which reflect the narratives of his beloved soap operas, drew many a curious eye for their cast of campy characters. His portrayals garnered praise from some of the city’s—and the world’s—most significant tastemakers, including art critics Holland Cotter of The New York Times and New York magazine’s Jerry Saltz, art dealer and curator Jeffrey Deitch, and actors Leo Fitzpatrick, Chloe Sevigny, Natasha Lyonne, and James Franco, who continues to collaborate with him on a performance art pieces. The partnership even scored Linzy an appearance alongside Franco during his stint on General Hospital.

Having turned 40 in July, the artist waxes philosophical on his growing legacy, though he considers his age young for an artist and indeed advantageous in many ways. “I don’t have as much of that 20s angst, that type of anxiety,” Linzy says. “I feel like now I’m in a place where I can write a script and attempt to get funding and not feel like everything is falling apart if somebody passes.”

The full story will be available in SUITED Issue No.5 coming November 30th.