Issue No.4

fall/winter 2016

With social justice at the forefront of our collective minds, rocking the frayed political climate that grapples to understand an ever-evolving cerebral landscape, there’s no better time than now to devote ourselves to the importance of community. Undoubtedly, there is strength in numbers, and in inspiring ideas.


Issue No.4 Private Release

You are invited to the private SUITED masquerade and release of Issue No.4 on Friday, October 28th

We will be celebrating exclusively at Spring Place -- come masked and dress in your best black-and-white attire.

Custom offerings all night.

All ticket purchases include a copy of Issue No.4 shipped to your address, a $25 value

Ghetto Gastro

How a crew of friends from the Bronx is capitalizing on the word of the street.

Bespoken Menswear

With a history built on classical tailoring, the Fayed brothers have a new formula, and it’s breaking every rule.


Every decision is purposeful in Samuel Drira’s revival of the minimalist womenswear brand.